Erotic books that belong on your list

Erotic books that belong on your list

By BookKeeper

Along with mystery books, romantic books, or comedy books, erotic books are a guaranteed best-seller nowadays.

Stories about forbidden lovers, free porno gratuit like sexual fantasies, hidden desires, irresistible attractions, and relationships, unleashed love…

Erotic literature is loaded with sensuality and passion that will captivate you and get you hooked from the very first moment.

Whether you are single (and want to let your imagination run wild) or if you have a steady partner (and want to discover new erotic ideas to put into action with her), these books can become your best nightstand companion.

And it is precisely at the end of the day when you can enjoy them the most.

Lie down in bed after a long day of work, prepare a glass of wine, put on some background music, and immerse yourself in the pages of one of these erotic books that we propose below.

Don’t miss this interesting and attractive list!

Best erotic books everyone should read

Tell me what you want

Tell me what you want - An erotic book
Tell me what you want, book by Megan Maxwell

A sensually erotic and incredibly morbid novel by Megan Maxwell.

A novel that will keep you reading until the end because it combines the fantasies of many women into one story.

A German man travels to Spain where he meets a beautiful young woman who becomes infatuated with him. He begins to play games full of fantasies and sexual acts with her.

And that is all we will tell you about the book, go read it. You will like it, I promise.

50 Shades of Grey

50 Shades of Grey - An erotic book
50 Shades of Grey, book by E.L. James

Fifty Shades of Grey is an extremely popular book, selling millions of copies worldwide. It has made a film, which won several awards and was almost universally acclaimed by critics.

With this book, readers will learn many things that happen in the movies, so reading it is highly recommended for fans of this genre.

It’s about two people who fall in love after meeting by chance, Anastasia and Grey, who become lovers after their first meeting.

Anastasia is innocent when it comes to matters of love and sex; Grey is quite the opposite — he’s quite controlling and has sexual fetishes, so they start their relationship based on rather peculiar erotic practices.


Praise - An erotic book by Sara Cate
Praise, book by Sara Cate

Praise is the first book in the Salacious Players’ Club series and you’ll be hooked right away.

Meet Charlotte and Emerson as they begin to develop a relationship where one gets what they want and the other discovers something new about themselves.

The title alone should be enough to tell you what to expect.

A court of thorns and roses

TikTok is obsessed with this book, and that’s reason enough to give it a try.

A court of thorns and roses - an erotic book
A court of thorns and roses, book by Sarah J. Maas

The young huntress, Feyre, ends up in the dangerous fantasy world that she has heard about only in legends.

She and the immortal faerie, Tamlin, have an enemies-to-lovers affair that is very spicy.

TikTok has been obsessed with this book for so long now that it’s reason enough to give this book a go.

The young huntress Feyre finds herself in a dangerous fantasy world that she had never even imagined existed.

She and the immortal faerie, Tamlin, have a lovers’ quarrel that is very spicy.

A top review on amazon identifies it as nothing more but erotic fiction, which I’m totally cool with.

It’s not porn; it’s just erotica.